As the mind, so the person ...

A bit about me ... I was born and raised in CT, where I still reside. I have a very small family and grew up in a very small, country town. I went to public schools until my parents forced me into a private HS. I despised this choice as all my friends at the time were going to the local, public school. Continuing my education I eventually found myself going to college. Which was followed by more college and then more college. Yes the student loans are real!

Before yoga, I was an avid runner. I would actually try anything else before yoga.

I feel we should get this out of the way right off the bat, I am not this serious, die-hard yoga guru. 


  • I didn’t always LOVE yoga. In fact, I was very uncomfortable with it at first.

  • I do not meditate every day.

  • I love snacks, any kind really and I drink alcohol occasionally.

  • I have never been on a yoga retreat (although I would love to). I have never been to India. I despise fish pose & I hate spiders.

  •  I still work a 'regular' job, two in fact!

  •  I swear more than I’d like to admit.

  • I don’t like to wear socks. (You are probably saying to yourself, “Gosh her shoes must stink”, and believe it or not they don’t!)

After a few tumultuous years of life changing events I found yoga. I am grateful I did! Yoga has brought me a sense of self worth and acceptance. It has allowed me to add balance and a sense of calmness to my days. I now carve out time daily for my personal practice. Whether I am at home, or at a studio my practice is an essential part of my week. As well as being a licensed RDH, I became certified in yoga teacher training. I began my yoga journey in hopes of connecting with people; whether it is joining me on the mat or through stories that are relatable. I want to help others grow, working through whatever it is that needs to be worked through. Perhaps even changing other's lives for the better, one yoga pose at a time!

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"